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    Today is Earth Day, our civilization’s noblest effort to remind the people around us that we are no longer taking this planet, our greatest gift, for granted. But what about the rest of the year? Are you prepared to do your part when people aren’t looking, just to do the right thing?

    The obvious…

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    Welcome to Guilt Footprint


    If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so difficult to “Get Green,” we’re here to help.

    We’ve spent the last several years researching a number of ways to help you and your loved ones reduce their “Guilt Footprint,” thereby eliminating the need to do more than you would normally do to return this planet to its pristine origins.

    When you purchase a bumper sticker, t-shirt, pin, or mug with one of our logos on it, your guilt is absorbed and passed on to the next person who sees that logo.

    Planning a trip on a plane, by bike or by foot? Worry not. Our stickers can be applied to nearly any surface, making your guilt just that much easier to apply to everything but yourself.*

    Get Certified Guilt-Free today. Don’t leave a trace of guilt.

    *Stickers may adhere to skin.


  3. Hey celebrity - awesome job with your WhoSay account. You do such important work.

  4. Alexander Graham Bell’s Notebook

    In a world before electronic records, this is the first physical record of any kind to document the first successful test of the first electronic communication medium.  That’s a lot of firsts.  I’m shocked (but shouldn’t be, I guess) that the actual language is “Mr. W…

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  5. If you wanted to know how movies work, they make Edward Furlong grow up to be Christian Bale.

  6. I blast Rachel Bloom’s music in the car like an O.G. blasts NWA.

  7. Scientists Discover Adverbs

  8. Pope Francis was so good in Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil.”

  9. I’m waiting to see what will come of this, but 10 years after we started it, ‘Looking Forward’ might get a little press.

  10. Who Should Apologize? Colbert or ‘Colbert?’

    Who Should Apologize? Colbert or ‘Colbert?’
    I just finished a CNN article by Aaron Schiller.  You can read it here for yourself: http://goo.gl/GX2LFi.  It breaks down the the #CancelColbert debacle which, for the most part, is the result of someone misunderstanding satire, especially in the face of the cynical attempt at “race re…